Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® PixelSense™


The new PixelSense SUR40 multi-touch table can enhance a huge range of everyday businesses. It brings people together to connect, learn and decide. And, with PixelSense™, it sees and responds to touch and real objects. Change the way people interact with information, your brand and each other. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

  • Make Content Compelling

    Give customers immersive and collaborative ways to engage with photos, videos, documents, maps and custom applications.

  • Plan And Simulate

    Bring to life real-time modeling and calculations – perfect for finance, healthcare and other consultative environments.

  • Transform Learning

    Breathe new life into education with rich visualisations that encourage teamwork and enhance learning.

  • Energise Shopping

    Make shopping more engaging by connecting customers with options, recommendations, product & service comparisons and personalised service.

  • Bring Information to Life

    Use PixelSense SUR40 in restaurants and bars to entertain customers – and use it as an information hub, too.

  • Communicate and Explain

    Provide a handy new way to source maps and tourist information in a hotel lobby. Or use it to help people exchange photos around the online world via social media.

  • Connect with Mobile Devices

    Designercity’s unique cross-platform technology connects PixelSense SUR40 to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Wireless and Bluetooth – adding more interactivity to your phone or tablet.